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The RECYCLE DELAWARE Program is a voluntary source-separation recycling program. The first RECYCLE DELAWARE Center was placed at the Southern Solid Waste Management Center in 1990. The program has grown to over 144 brightly-colored centers throughout the State. Most centers are located within a five-mile radius of most households so residents can easily drop off recyclables on the way to work or shopping.

At no cost to taxpayers, DSWA operates the statewide program, which averages three million pounds of recyclables received each month.

Listed below are the items accepted for recycling through RECYCLE DELAWARE, as well as items that are not accepted, how things should be prepared and what new products are made by the recycled items.

Paper (Blue Containers)
What: Newspapers, magazines, phone books, newspaper inserts and paperback books.
Preparation: Drop in loose. Inserts may stay in.
Not Accepted: Junk mail, office paper, hard cover books, plastic bags or wrappers, cereal boxes, cardboard, or tissue boxes.
New Product: New newsprint, box board liners and egg cartons.

Junk Mail & Mixed Office Paper (Large Dark Green Containers)

Where: There are currently 60 RD Centers statewide (20 in each county) with Junk Mail recycling containers. To find the RD Center nearest to you, select your county, and "Junk Mail" from the search menus at the right side of this page!

Lt. Governor John Carney
deposits the first handful
of Junk Mail to be recycled
through DSWA's new
Junk Mail
Recycling Program.
There are now
60 containers statewide.
What: Magazines, catalogs, advertisements, glossy color inserts, pastel/white envelopes, undeliverable mail, sweepstakes forms, school paper, office paper, computer paper.
Preparation: Drop in loose. Inserts may stay in.
Not Accepted: Newsprint, cardboard, chipboard, paperback books, brown paper bags, telephone books, blueprints, carbon paper, goldenrod/stilbene envelopes, colored/kraft folders, cafeteria & washroom waste.

Plastic (Red Containers)
What: Narrow-neck plastic bottles only (milk jugs, soda bottles, laundry detergent, salad dressing, cooking oil, shampoo, cleaning bottles).
Preparation: Rinse lightly. Remove lids and crush. >Labels and rings can stay on.
Not Accepted: Plastic bags, maragine or yogurt containers, plastic trays, cups, styrofoam, motor oil bottles, pesticide or solvent containers.
New Product: New plastic containers, carpet fiber backing.

Cans (Yellow Containers)
What: Aluminum, steel and empty aerosol cans (drink and food cans, pet food, hair and bug spray).
Preparation: Rinse lightly. Crush if possible. Labels can stay on. Remove plastic spray knob from aerosols.
Not Accepted: Foil or pie trays, paint cans, propane cylinders, siding, beach or lawn chairs.
New Product: New steel products and aluminum cans.

Glass (Clear: White Containers, Green: Green Containers, Brown: Brown Containers)
What: Food and beverage containers, jars.
Preparation: Rinse lightly. Remove lids. Label and ring can stay on.
Not Accepted: Window glass, drinking glasses, mirrors, ceramics, crystal, fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, Corning Ware, Pyrex.
New Product: New glass containers of the same color, and used as a aggregate in glassphalt.

Cardboard (Dark Brown Containers) Most Locations
What: Clean corrugated cardboard only.
Preparation: Fold down to fit in 60" x 5" opening.
Not Accepted: Cereal boxes, shoe or tissue boxes, beverage holders.
New Product: New corrugated cardboard.

Motor Oil (White Containers) Specified Locations Only
What: Used motor oil, hydraulic or diesel oil.
Preparation: Pour in drain of oil container. Dispose of oil container in regular trash.
Not Accepted: Gasoline or gas and oil mixture, anti-freeze, paint thinners or solvents.
New Product: Delaware City-based Premcor Refining Group collects the used oil to be processed in to fuel.

Oil Filters (Grey Containers) Same Locations as Motor Oil
What: Used car and truck oil filters.
Preparation: None.
Not Accepted: Other steel products.
New Product: Oil is squeezed out and used for fuel. Steel is used to make new steel products.

Batteries (Small Yellow Containers)
What: Small household batteries and button type (A's, C's, D's, watch, hearing aide and camera).
Preparation: None.
Not Accepted: Car, motorcycle or lantern batteries.
Batteries are stored in drums for safe disposal. They are not recycled at this time.

Textiles (Light Brown Containers)
What: Old clothing, shoes (pairs only), curtains, linens.
Preparation: Place items in leak-proof bags.
Not Accepted: Non-textile materials (rubber, vinyl), fabric scraps. No dirty rags, oil-, gas-, or paint-soaked rags.

Plastic Grocery Bags Only (Small Red Container)
What: All bag colors accepted except black.

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