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Consider the benefits of recycling electronic goods:

DSWA's Electronic Goods Recycling (EGR) program allows residents to conveniently drop off their unwanted items for free at DSWA facilities statewide. DSWA also holds special collection events throughout the state. Please check the Homepage or DSWA Calendar for upcoming events. For more information, please call the DSWA's Citizens' Response Line at 1-800-404-7080.

Recycling electronic goods removes potentially hazardous materials from the waste stream and saves landfill space.

DSWA also supports donating cellular phones to an organization which donates working cell phones to United States Soldiers. For more information, please visit

Acceptable Electronic Goods for Recycling Equipment

Computer components and/or parts
• Computer Components And/Or Parts
• Main Frame Computers
• Mini Computers
• Terminals
• Printers
• Personal Computers
• Monitors
• Keyboards
• Mice
• Cables
• Laptop Computers
• Notebook Computers
• Notepad Computers
• Copying Equipment
• Electronic Typewriters
• Calculators
• Microwave Ovens

Telecommunications Equipment
• Telephone Systems
• Terminals
• Telephones
• Telex
• Facsimile
• Pay Telephones
• Cordless Telephones
• Cellular Telephones
• Answering Machines

Radio, Television, Electro acoustic Radios
• Televisions
• Video Cameras
• Video Recorders
• Tape Recorders
• Audio Amplifiers
• VCRs
• Cassette Players
• Record Players
• Radios
• DVD players

Small Household Appliances
• Microwave ovens
• Vacuum Cleaners

• Hand held game systems
• Video Game Systems
• Electronic toys


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