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Recycling Drop-Off Centers




DSWA has over 75 drop-off centers across the state.

Since 1990, Delaware residents have used these drop-off centers at various locations to recycle their household items. Sorting is now a thing of the past! The drop-off centers are now single-stream, which means that residents will no longer have to sort their recyclables prior to coming to the drop-off centers.

Listed below is accepted materials for the DSWA recycling program.
  • Newspapers/ Brown Paper Bags
  • Magazines/Catalogs
  • Telephone/Soft Cover Books
  • Junk Mail/Envelopes (all types)
  • Paper
  • Paperboard (cereal/tissue boxes)
  • Cardboard
  • Glass Bottles/Jars (any color)
  • Aseptic Containers and Cartons
  • Metal Cans (tin/steel/aluminum)
  • #1 PET plastic food and beverage containers.
  • #2 HDPE plastic food and beverage containers. No motor oil or anti-freeze containers.
    - HDPE Mixed Rigid Plastics- kitty litter containers, small plastic buckets (up to 5 gallon), milk crates, small toys, and plastic trays.
  • #4 LDPE butter tubs, sour cream containers, and margarine tubs.
  • #5 Polypropylene yogurt containers, cottage cheese containers
  • #7 Mixed plastics various containers. Cartons and aseptic containers- juice boxes, orange juice and milk cartons.

Many drop-off centers also accept corrugated cardboard, household batteries, motor oil, oil filters, and textiles. These types of materials will continue to be collected in separate containers due to their size or special nature.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact the CITIZENS’ RESPONSE LINE at 1-800-404-7080.

At no cost to taxpayers, DSWA operates the statewide program, which averages three million pounds of recyclables received each month.

Corrugated Cardboard (Dark Brown Containers)
All Drop-Off Center Locations

What: Clean corrugated cardboard only 

Preparation: Fold down to fit in 60" x 5" opening

Not Accepted: Cereal boxes, shoe or tissue boxes, beverage holders (These items are to be deposited into the Single-Stream Containers.)

New Product: New corrugated cardboard

Motor Oil (White Containers)
Specified Locations Only

What: Used motor oil, hydraulic or diesel oil 

Preparation: Pour in drain of oil container. Dispose of oil container in regular trash.

Not Accepted: Gasoline or gas and oil mixture, anti-freeze, paint thinners or solvents

New Product: FCC Environmental collects the used oil to be processed in to fuel

Oil Filters (White Containers)
Same Locations as Motor Oil

What: Used car and truck oil filters

Preparation: None

Not Accepted: Other steel products

New Product: Oil is squeezed out and used for fuel. Steel is used to make new steel products

Batteries (Small Yellow Containers)

What: Small household batteries and button type (A's, C's, D's, watch, hearing aide, and camera) 

Preparation: None

Not Accepted: Car, motorcycle, or lantern batteries. Batteries are sorted by battery type and sent to market for recycling..

Textiles (All Blue Containers w/Yellow Label)

What: Usable Old clothing, shoes (pairs only), curtains, linens

Preparation: Place items in leak-proof bags.

Not Accepted: Non-textile materials (rubber, vinyl), fabric scraps. No dirty rags, oil-, gas-, or paint-soaked rags

Textiles are donated to Goodwill


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