DSWA Solid Waste Management Facilities


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Modern Landfills

Cherry Island NSWMC  |  Sandtown CSWMC  |  Jones Crossroads SSWMC

We design and construct our modern landfills using the industry's most advanced technologies to protect groundwater and control odors. We safeguard surrounding air, water, and soil resources through careful monitoring and testing in compliance with government requirements. With at least a 15-year disposal capacity, each landfill is equipped to safely manage solid waste. Our award-winning facilities set the worldwide standard for landfill excellence. By continuing to develop effective solid waste management programs, we help protect Delaware's environment and public health.

Click here for DSWA's Landfill & Transfer Station user fees printable PDF - fees effective July 1, 2014.

Collection Stations

Residents of rural areas can toss bagged household trash at one of five DSWA Collection Stations. By paying per bag, you pay only for what you throw away. If you recycle first, you can save even more while helping the environment.

Transfer Stations

Trash collectors and residents can bring trash one of three Transfer Stations, eliminating the need to travel further to a DSWA landfill. All DSWA facilities have recycling centers too, so you can always recycle first!
Click here for DSWA's Landfill & Transfer Station user fees printable PDF - fees effective July 1, 2014.

Delaware Recycling Center

This facility receives single-stream materials collected from DSWA Recycling Drop-off Centers and the Universal Recycling collection services. This facility will act as a transfer station for these materials until they are picked up and transferred to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Once, transferred the materials will be sent to market.

State Map of Facilities

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